Nettle fertilizer 1l
Nettle fertilizer 1l


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Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.
Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.


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Organic fertilizers are the best way to give plants in the garden their required nutrients as they come from plants, minerals, and animals and include a variety of nutrients that will enhance the soil ecosystem. These manures can be offered to plants in a kinder, gentler way when they need those nutrients without hurting the plants helping them to last longer.

Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers

1. Stimulates Plant Growth

Organic fertilizer consists of all the necessary nutrients required for plant growth. They are much gentler than chemical fertilizers and also act slowly meaning there are fewer chances of overfeeding and chemically burn those plants.

Plants don’t absorb these fertilizers almost immediately, as they are first broken down by soil bacteria and fungi into simpler forms for the plants to absorb. These manures are also not easily washed away during heavy rainfall or other natural calamities and plants in the garden get their required nutrients to stimulate their growth.

2. Enriches Soil

Increasing organic substance and the nutrient uptake in the plants reduces soil hardening and improves soil fertility. Organic manures are filled with organic and nutrient-rich substances and applying it to the soil can efficiently enrich the garden soil’s physical and chemical properties, sustain fertility, and create a healthy soil-environment for the growth of the plants.

Chemical fertilizers only add chemicals that are dissolved into the water, which are either swallowed by the plant roots or leach away potentially damaging water resources.

3. Eco-Friendly

Organic composts are safe for the environment and all the living creatures living in the surrounding area. Synthetic fertilizers often runoff into the waterways harming the marine life as well as degrading the water quality. Organic fertilizers don’t have that problem as they don’t run off so easily and are associated with the soil structure.

Moreover, organic composts don’t contain any harmful chemicals that contribute to the pollution and infection of the water and the land. Their proper use can easily offer protection against the extinction of several endangered animals, insects, and plant species highly affected by the use of chemical fertilizers.

4. Convenient

Organic fertilizers are extremely convenient to apply, unlike their synthetic or non-organic counterparts. You can add these manures directly to the soil or spray them on to the plant leaves. They add countless benefits to the garden while providing a similar amount of convenience as chemical composts.

5. Reduced Usage of Fertilizers and Pesticides

Even though organic fertilizers are often costlier than synthetic ones, it can significantly reduce the overall need for pesticides as well as the overall potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus requirements. Due to these reductions, organic fertilizers are often cost-efficient resulting in significant savings without affecting the plants and the soil of the garden.

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