Nettle fertilizer 1l
Nettle fertilizer 1l


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Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.
Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.


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Compost Thermometer Victory's Garden

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The temperature of the compost affects the effectiveness of composting. By measuring the temperature we know when to water turn, add more material to the compost pile and when the compost will be ready for use.
For effective composting you need heat, air and moisture, otherwise a rotting process will occur, resulting in unpleasant odors and substances harmful to health.

- Insert the tip of the thermometer into the center of the compost pile to a depth of about half the height of the pile.
- Measure the temperature for about 60 seconds.
- It is advisable to take additional measurements at different places in the windrow, at different depths, in order to balance the decomposition temperature of the composted material.
- Measure the temperature regularly during the IDEAL phase, at least every 3-4 days.


25 to 40*C - HOT    
Beneficial organisms are beginning to decompose the scraps and organic waste. Keep adding compostable materials and turning every 3-4 days. Water the pile with water and make sure it stays moist, but not wet.   

40 to 65*C - IDEAL
Now your compost is working turning into useful humus. Fungi, microorganisms and beneficial bacteria are working at an accelerated rate to break down the scraps into rich compost. Turn every 3-4 days and water as needed to keep the pile moist, but not wet.

65 to 80*C - HOT
If the temperature of the compost rises above 65*C there is a risk that beneficial bacteria and organisms will start to die off. Simply water and turn to lower the temperature back to the IDEAL range. Aerating the pile by turning it effectively lowers the temperature.

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