Nettle fertilizer 1l
Nettle fertilizer 1l


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Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.
Hanging plate for describing plants 9 x 2 cm - 20 pcs.


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Mycorrhiza Symbivit - Universal - 150 g Symbiom

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Universal SYMBIVIT® mycorrhiza is a high-quality product created from selected strains of mycorrhizal fungi that occur in nature. They have been selected to benefit plants after application. Perfect for ornamental plants, such as: roses, thujas or geraniums but also for fruit and vegetables plants.

How does Symbivit Mycorrhiza work?

Mycorrhizal fungi contained in Symbivit, when applied directly to the root system, combine with hairs and provide plants with nutrients and other substances that they could not absorb on their own before. This is because fungi have the property of converting various types of non-digestible compounds into easily digestible for plants. The result of such cooperation is faster and better growth of both the plant and the root system. Which in a later stage leads to the roots reaching for water in the deeper parts of the soil profile.

The plant also helps mycorrhizal fungi to function better. For example, it provides them with products derived from photosynthesis (e.g. glucose), which mycelial strains cannot produce on their own. Thanks to such cooperation, the plant and mycorrhizal fungi are healthier, have better growth and resistance.


Advantages of using SYMBIVIT® mycorrhiza

  1. Better nutrition , yielding, growth and plant resistance
  2. Reduce watering and fertilizer use
  3. Improving the taste and size of fruit and vegetables
  4. Better resistance to drought and other stresses
  5. Improving plant acceptance during planting


The SYMBIVIT® mycorrhiza is intended for:

  • fruit trees (apple trees, pear trees, cherries, walnuts)
  • fruit bushes (currants, gooseberries, chokeberry etc.)
  • vines
  • most ornamental conifers (thuja, yew, juniper, cypress)
  • some ornamental trees and shrubs (maple, ash, rowan)
  • vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber, leek, garlic)
  • flowers (roses, geraniums, verbena, balcony flowers)

Not suitable for

Use ECTOVIT® mycorrhiza for conifers such as pine, spruce, fir and some deciduous trees such as oak, birch, beech. Use RHODOVIT® for plants of the heather family (rhododendron, heather, blueberry, cranberry).


Dosage and application of Mycorrhiza Symbivit

Symbivit mycorrhiza can be used in two ways

  1. When planting the plant - by soaking the roots in a prepared dilution or by sprinkling the well with powder. Soaking the roots is the most effective way as we thoroughly cover the entire surface of the roots, giving the mycorrhiza an immediate opportunity to develop.
  2. Application directly to the roots - into the soil using a mycorrhiza applicator.

Dilution preparation

The package contains a powder that should be dissolved in 1.5 liters of water.

One 150 g package is enough to apply to about 30 seedlings of flowering plants (e.g. balcony flowers) or 40 tomato seedlings or 20 vine seedlings or 15 apple seedlings with open root.



For the first 3 weeks after application, avoid the use of systemic fungicides as they may damage the mycorrhiza. carefully dose chemical fertilizers to avoid the risk of overdosing (mycorrhizal fungi convert nitrogen into ammonium and also provide plants with 70% more phosphorus). Shelf life 2 years. The dilution must be used within one day of preparation.

Composition of Symbivit Mikoryzy

Clay as a carrier, 6 types of mycorrhizal fungi, natural starter fertilizers for mycorrhiza, extract from algae and other marine organisms, biodegradable hydrogel. The product contains only naturally occurring fungi and is not genetically modified, does not leave any chemical residues in the soil.

Packaging also available Mikoryza Symbivit 750 g


A helpful applicator and other Symbiom mycorrhiza

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